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Worm Studio

Picture © Jean-Luc Tillière

Orion has its own recording studio! Every day, this proves to be a great tool in creating and working out new ideas for the band.
Besides producing Orion's new projects, Worm Studio is also opening its facilities to musical friends and other artists looking for a higher professionnal recording quality at reasonable prices.Worm Studio is created by musicians for musicians.

Worm Studio is a digital 24-track studio:not only the multitrack recorders, mixing desk and soundeffects are digital, but also the wiring between all those machines.Transfers from tape to harddisk and vice versa can be realised without the slightest loss in sound quality. The digital mixing console is fully automated with a total recall-memory: at a next studio session, complicated mixes can be called up immediately and all parameters are instantly reset to the exact postion where they were left at the end of the previous session. Thus a lot of time and studiocosts can be saved. The typical "warmth" of analogue recording, cherished by many musicians, can be added by top-class tube gear without introducing undesired background noise.

Worm Studio works exclusively with top-class equipment. We didn't want to limit the musicians' choice by imposing merely the usual Alesis reverbs, dbx or Behringer compressors. In stead, Worm Studio offers the most important state-of-the-art machines such as: Lexicon 480L, TC Electronics M5000, Eventide DSP4000, Focusrite red 1,2 and 3, Avalon VT737SP, Summit tube compressor, Protools, Neumann microphones, ...

Worm Studio takes on all stages of the process: recording, mixing, editing and pre-mastering. Our sound engineers are highly qualified people with years of professional experience and a deep knowledge of folk and acoustic music.

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