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Press reviews on Orion concerts

Orion played us to heaven, interpreting extracts from their new album "Strawberry Town". One of the very best concerts, leaving the large crowd in exaltation."

Le Télégramme, 17/08/2009

"Orion enchanting the Festival in Bénodet. Haunting tunes,in a wonderful blend from different musical cultures."

Ouest France, 15/08/2009

"The heart gets carried away on this Night of Celtic Stars. Orion was brilliant..."

Ouest France, 28/07/2008

"Over the years, Orion has delivered the goods and honed a style that is uniquely theirs. The strong point in this band: the ability to produce a personal sound from the very start and to be in constant evolution without losing that personal touch."

Irish Music Magazine, January 2005

"Gabriel Yacoub and Orion performed in this prestigious garden of the bishop's palace, breaking all attendance records."(Le Télégramme, 27/07/2001)

"Numerous and excellent audience, listening very attentively and showing great fervour. With Orion and Yacoub -it must be said- there was talent on the stage."

Ouest France, 26/07/2001

"Gabriel Yacoub and Orion played live yesterday. Five seasoned musicians,palpable talent and an unmatched musical generosity : Orion plays music of the highest quality. Even though their music is Celtic, their territory spans the whole planet. Orion glitters in many firmaments."

Ouest France, 25/07/2001

"Tri Yann, Yacoub, Orion : the Festival pulls out the big shots. Orion is named in perfect harmony after a constellation and their exquisite music has the solemn majesty of a shooting star in a summer sky. Their music is refined,their concerts do not resemble any others. Orion's divine playing catches you in a delicate musical web, carrying the listener away in an upward flow from Ireland into the upper spheres of the galaxy."

Ouest France, 24/07/2001

"On the mainstage of Dranouter, Orion proved with their refined approach that they surely are one of the best non-Irish bands playing Irish Music."

De Standaard, Belgian dailypaper, 7/8/2000

"Orion was standing out with an ironstrong set."

De Morgen, Belgian dailypaper, 8/8/2000

"A magistral stage act."

New Folksounds, Folkmagazine from The Netherlands, october 1999

"Orion make their second visit to Cork after their stunning performance here in 1996 when they dazzled the Cork audience with their brilliance and quality of musicianship and they won many fans at the time. Do not miss!"

brochure 20th Cork Folk Festival, september 1999

"Orion's music is both subliminally beautiful and frantically vigorous."

John O'Regan, Irish Music Magazine, october 1999

"Orion has built up a reputation as one of Europe's finest Celtic bands."

FolkWorld, Germany, october 1999

"Other visitors include Belgian group Orion, described by Folk Festival Director William Hammond as 'absolutely superb'."

Irish Music Magazine, august 1996

"Orion proved themselves on this occasion an outfit of considerable power and authority. Playing a knock-out set, they passed the Cork Folk Festival test with flying colours."

Irish Music Magazine, october 1996

"The very splendid Orion. They have got that something special that differentiates the great groups from the rest of the pack. A few better known but tired old warhorses would do well to listen to them and learn."

The Living Tradition, january 2000

"During the showcase of it's new release, Orion charmed both public and press. The members of one of today's most gifted folk groups gave an example not only of their exceptional talent, but also of their unaffected charisma."

Ouest France, 5/8/1998

"Orion literally glowed at Brosella. Incontestably, their concert alone justified the 1997 edition of the festival."

Une Autre Chanson, n°68, september 1997

"Great atmosphere and a magnificent closing act at Winterfolk Festival."

De Morgen, Belgian dailypaper, 2/2/1998

"A few langourous chords from an instrument not yet fully identified play gently on your ear drums. Little by little they turn into music. An abundance of space contained in this string of notes. The audience, loads of music lovers, listen almost piously. The young ones will say 'Brilliant'. The others, seized by such unparalleled finesse, will be carried away by that magic bow."

Le Télégramme, French daily paper, 7/8/1991

"Brittany vigorously affirms its Celtic tradition. However, among those that sing and play it with the most talent, one may sometimes find the odd semi-Celt. The old town centre lived trough a few Irish hours of superb quality last night, presented to us by Orion, a Belgo-Irish constellation playing aerial music."

Le Télégramme, France, 22/8/1991

"Hundreds of people are listening attentively, they are dead quiet: men, women, and children of all ages, of every possible style; from the Parisian old girl in her sixties down to the young spark in his leather jacket."

Ouest France, French daily paper,10/8/1988

"A stunning performance, presented with humour and interesting bits of information. High-quality interpretation by four skilled musicians."

Ouest France, 10/4/1991

"Even rockers get easily carried away by the virtuosty displayed by Orion's instrumentalists. Orion, the beautiful name of a constrellation for a group that skilfully distils timeless ballads and entertaining dance-tunes. Go and see Orion, and be assured you're in for a world-charming concert thanks to their talent, their instrumental mastery and the magic of their legend-saturated music."

Réveil,French daily paper,10/6/1989

"Some of the liveliest Irish music this side of Donegal."

The Bulletin, 13/5/1993

"If the sound of Celtic music makes you feel melancholy, then the Belgian band Orion will come as a pleasant surprise to you."

Le Soir, Belgian daily paper,1/4/1988

"Top Belgo-Breton band tour Wales. Visiting Great Britain for the first time, Orion are sure to provoke a major stir when they appear. The band is made up of superb musicians and create an awesome sound."

Taplas, Folkmagazine from Wales, september 1994

"The best music we heard on that festival day."

Gandalf, Belgian music magazine, nr. 74, january 1993


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