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Strawberry Town - Press Reviews

" The wait was long, but definitely worth it. When listening to Strawberry Town, one cannot but agree that Orion's music is sophisticated, full of surprises and unexpected turns.
A truely varied album, a once in a lifetime masterpiece."

rtbf-La Première, Belgian National Radio, sept. 2009

"Surprising and inventive folk music, which should be compulsory listening for those who associate folk with stale and hackneyed music."

Het Laatste Nieuws, Belgian daily paper, 31/10/2009

"A prominent constellation of exquisite musicianship, a sophisticated album of virtuoso playing. The long wait is over."

Irish Music Magazine, december 2009

"A grand cru in the Celtic Tradition. This album has matured for many years before it was shaped into its final - nearly perfect - form. These highly talented musicians play at their very best. The arrangements are profoundly well thought-out. Not one note is superfluous, not one note is missing. In the line of its previous albums, Orion again delivers a magnificent recording that deserves close and intent listening."

Folkroddels, 1/11/2009

"An album of plain beauty. These musicians - superior talents - charm in finesse, enchanting as a delicate Chopin, offering superb and subtle moods. Exquisite. Innovative. One feels privileged. "

La Voix du Nord, 5/10/2009

"Haunting Celtic folk music. Virtuoso accordion playing, intricate rhythms, great dance tunes, depth of sound: all this is Orion. In 22 years of existence, and being constantly remodeled, Orion releases only its fourth album. A gem. After Restless Home, the band's masterpiece, this new CD addresses us with the same gusto, the same sound. A treat. "

Le Journal de Saône-et-Loire, 5/11/2009

"Since the release of Restless Home some 11 years ago, we began to find the time long. Happily, our patience is fully rewarded by the quality of this new album. Indeed, Orion's music is replenished with refined nuances, powerful and complex, subtle and delicate, immediately transporting you into the firmament of Celtic stars."

Le Peuple Breton, december 2009

"Orion is a prominent constellation located on the celestial equator. Because of its multitude of bright stars, it is the most conspicuous and most recognizable constellation in the winter sky and has impressed mankind since time began. The same can be said of the band which members named themselves Orion. Not for millennia but at least for the past 22 years, when this outfit took off of the ground. Five fine and innovative instrumentalists blending Irish and Scottish music with different influences -- not only Flemish and Breton but from the Balkans to Scandinavia, and Paris to Pennsylvania. Thus they produce a totally unique sound which is at the same time sophisticated and catchy. Sure Velghe, Gigot & Co are no shooting stars, but quite evolved on the main sequence, as astronomers would say. Orion still shines bright. Just as their namesake does on the firmament. "

Folkworld, nº40, Germany, november 2009

"The new mostly instrumental CD by the five folk musicians of Orion is at once moving and danceable. In the (too) few songs the group is in its best form ever. Whether Orion is serving up a wee waltz, Menuet Marguerite, or reviving a Flemish St George's dance, or making music with nyckelharpa and guitar, its vast musical knowledge is always evident. The album's Celtic highlights are played with an enthusiasm that makes them live with you for a long time after you've heard them. At last a folk CD that can remain set to 'replay' in the car."

Agenda - Out and About in Brussels, 20/11/2009

"Since the group's inception, Orion has kept its original sound, - recognizable amongst all - thanks to an intelligent mix of influences on a solid foundation of music Celtic. All the ingredients that have made the band's success are indeed present on this fourth album: delicate melodies and elaborated dance rhythms, compositions essentially. The playing and the individual styles of the excellent musicians are marvellously balanced and complement each other to perfection. The whole was remarkably produced in the group's own studio in Brussels. "

Breton Music, November 2009

"With the opening notes of this new CD one recognizes the unique sound of Orion immediately. With a solid grounding in the worlds of classical, pop, folk, jazz, and quite a few other styles, the experience brought to this recording by the main members of the band as well as all the guest artists explains the very high quality of performance. Orion remains elegant in its sound, with impeccable and interesting mixes of instruments and rhythms. The music is tight and polished. The musicians on this CD have been around the block in the music world -a few times- and have put their considerable musical experience and talent to work."

Bro Nevez, USA, november 2009

"Orion must be our most internationally renowned folk group. Their music can be found on well known labels such as Narada, Green Linnet and Keltia Musique. They performed with the likes of Dónal Lunny and Philip Catherine. After years of playing, Orion built up an impressive live reputation. As a result we were really looking forward to new work, their cd Restless Home already dating from the previous decade! Just like a good wine, this group is getting better over the years. Orion elaborated its refined sound even more, the ensemble playing is more audacious and the borders of the celtic style are constantly being widened and opened up . And yet they succeed in avoiding pretentious stylistic exercises. The soul of the music is kept intact, but you better listen attentively to discover the many details. Or you can simply dance to it. We absolutely recommend a trip to Strawberry Town. The beautiful cover with booklet and background information will prove your ideal travel guide."

George Tonla Briquet, MazzMusikas, november 2009

"Modern, timeless arrangements of intelligent and unusual compositions in the Irish-Breton vein. This album is everything but Easy Listening: the music on this album is so elaborated and complex that it requires your full attention. Must listen!"

Folker, Folkmagazine, Germany,January 2010

"A brilliant collection of, mostly, newly written tunes, with Ireland's John Faulkner adding a few songs. The baroque era is revisited, Mozart is cleverly matched with a traditional Irish style. More Irish music is included, but in between we're whisked to the Hebrides, Bulgaria and Flanders with never a dull moment. Great tunes and superb musicianship abound, notably from Gigot and Velghe, who well as guitar adds adept fiddle and nyckelharpa."

Taplas, folkmagazine from Wales, nº 158, february 2010

"The music on this records carries a lot of deepness. Settled somewhere between baroque and new age, trad and pop, matured arrangements bring a lot of pleasure for the listener and have unexpected moves. The sound is warm and differentiated and therefore the versatile instrumented music appears in the best light. The throughout high quality of the musicians, on technical and musical level, quests one's own kind. Raquel Gigot and Rudy Velghe create polyphonic melody worlds out of self written compositions, in which one can really get lost. I am impressed."

Irland Journal, Germany, march 2010


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