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Blue Room - Press Reviews

"A splendid recording, replenished with grace and beauty."

Ar Men, Breton cultural magazine, January 1994

"Orion brings to life all the magic and poetry of Ossianic dreams. Music of genuine beauty."

Ouest France, 29/2/1993

"Imagine expecting nothing from a new band whose CD has arrived in the post and being totally flummoxed by their talent and musical virtuosity. Well that's the case with Orion. There's a thoughtfulness going through this music that's moving and has much to commend to it. It's one of those albums that open greater reservoirs of pleasure with every listen. Blue Room offers wells of musical wisdom to draw from and is a thing of rare and precious beauty. Drink deep and drink often. "

John O' Regan, Irish broadcaster, November 1993

"Hauntingly beautiful music, combining the lushness of Clannad with the musical ability of Altan. There isn't a band like them over here. This is a must buy CD."

Irish Music Magazine, february 1998

"This excellent record is put together with great skill and taste: it moved me in a way few albums have done for a long time. Highly recommended."

Taplas, folkmagazine from Wales, nr.61, April 1994

"A marvelous recording which gives a new swing and energy to familiar and newly composed tunes. Orion's arrangements will be an ear-opening experience for you. If you have become a bit jaded after hearing to much mediocre Irish music, you will find this a very refreshing and enjoyable CD. It will restore your faith in the richness of the Irish musical heritage and the ability of good musicians to reinterpret and add new compositions worthy of that heritage."

Bro Nevez, Celtic cultural magazine, United States of America, November 1993

"Relative newcomers to American ears, it would be difficult to quickly name a group of equal instrumental skill and talent for adventurous arrangements. Their superb Blue Room recording reveals many unique pleasures."

Marc Sustic, 21/1/1994,Champlain Valley Festival, Vermont, United States of America

"Donal Lunny's groundbreaking synthesizer work is taken a step further by Orion, and enhanced with some gorgeous effects that give new meaning to the term fretless bass . The band's own compostions are totally convincing as updated arrangements of classic tunes, though they are of recent vintage."

Dirty Linen, music magazine, USA, nr. 67, september 1994

" Blue Room is a rich many-hewed tapestry of restful and exciting sound. The album is shot through with a slow burning power."

Rock 'n' Reel, British folkmagazine, nr. 17, 1994

"One of the most talented quartets on the European continent today."

Earle Hitchner, Irish-American journalist and broadcaster, February 1995

"Excellent music, right out of the Irish tradition and inspiration. "Inspired" is much too weak a word to describe the completely spontaneous way in which this band, from Brittany, has assimilated the music and philosophy of Erin's green isle. This CD very generously offers us the result of deep technical mastery and of a quest after the best sounds and arrangements."

Le Télégramme, 4/11/1993

"Over the last few years Orion has developed into an extremely professional band, completely able to catch your attention, with only instrumentals at that. Every one of the twelve tracks is a solid piece of work, the musical interpretations are full of atmosphere, now fragile, then exuberant, but always of a high technical standard. For Orion this is another step towards international status. Without a doubt this is one of the best folk bands in Belgium."

New Folksounds, Folkmagazine from The Netherlands, 30/12/1993

"Orion has its very own sonority, its very own atmosphere. These people immerse you in their own universe. Blue Room is a trip in first class through many countries, on the route of the Celtic tradition."

Trad Magazine, French folkmagazine, nr.32, January 1994

"A very well got-up album that approaches Celtic music in its own special way."

Gandalf, Belgian music magazine, nr.79, November 1993

"A band that, supported by tradition, is looking far ahaid : Orion shines like a bright star in the small, often not very creative world of folk music. Blue Room is a journey, an open invitation to dream and to celebrate."

Une Autre Chanson, Belgian music magazine, November 1993

"Two marvellous recordings testify that Orion is one of the most talented folkgroups in Belgium. Strongly recommended."

De Morgen, Belgian dailypaper, 12/3/1996


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