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"1990" - Press Reviews

" Orion serve up a delicious feast for the senses with their eloquent music. '1990' is pure joy from beginning to end."

John O'Regan, Irish journalist and broadcaster, 1995

"Very well arranged, played with genuine feeling and magnificent quality of tone. Congratulations."

Folk- Michel, German folkmagazine, 4/7/1991

"This Irish music band with the highly original and attractive sound has once again changed line-up. Musicians pass by, the superb sound remains!"

Le Canard Folk,Belgian folkmagazine, december 1990

"Remixed in June 95, this album first recorded in 1990 deserves all your attention. The tunes are played with great sensitivity, without going overboard as is often the case with Irish bands. Orion has a feel for the soul of this music and is a worthy exponent of Irish music."

Accordéon Magazine, France, December 1995

"A melodic little outfit playing original tunes strongly rooted in the musical tradition. The result is far from unappetising - playing is sprightly and the presentation has bags of pep."

Folk Roots, Great Britain, november 1991

"A band that specialises in Celtic music, with perhaps a preference for the dreamy rather than the rowdy. Each of the four musicians is thoroughly accomplished, with Raquel Gigot on the accordion standing out."

The Bulletin, 14/3/1991

"A refined musical palette, tastefully arranged and played with great skill."

Gandalf, Belgian music magazine, nr.90, september 1995


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