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Musiques de Bretagne, Keltia Musique, KMRP 01, Frankrijk, 2008. (DVD)

Musiques de Bretagne , KMRP 01, Keltia Musique, France, 2008. (DVD)
Two previously unreleased Orion tracks on this DVD: Song For Terri (comp. Rudy Velghe)/ Rue Des Dunes (comp. Raquel Gigot), and Ma Wee Wee Croodin'Doo with special guest Jamie McMenemy.
Other artists included are a.o. Loreena McKennitt, Dan Ar Braz, Bagad Kemper, Ronan Le Bars/Nicolas Quemener/Audrey Le Jossec/Hilaire Rama, Louis Capart, Gayane, Ozan Trio, Jimmie O'Neil, Red Cardell , Les Goristes, Baron & Anneix, Anne Auffret, Jamie McMenemy, Jimme O'Neill...


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