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Grab Bag

September 2011, Orion opened the annual Marni Jazz Festival in main capital Brussels with Folk. The Marni Jazz Festival traditionally is the opener of the new théâtre Marni season. During ten days, visitors can enjoy jazz concerts, often with a wink to different styles of music. See the movie clip from the local TV station, taken during Orion's concert preparations. Spoken languages are Dutch and French with Dutch subtitles.


The music in the publicity spots for Paysan Breton, a french brand of dairy products, is generously inspired on the theme of Blue Room, a compostion by Raquel Gigot on the homonymous Orion album, released by the breton label Keltia Musique in 1993.
See https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1eijt_pub-paysan-breton_ads and https://word.toutes-les-pubs.com/2007/12/05/paysan-breton-beurrier.

Pub - Paysan Breton
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Orion is featured on the frontcover of the wellknown english folkmagazine "Living Tradition". Hector Christie concludes his three page article on the band and its latest album 'Restless Home' as follows :"An incredibly good album by a group of musicians who have simply got it. They have got that something special that differentiates the great groups from the rest of the pack. A few better known but tired old war-horses would do well to listen to this and learn."

Rudy's nyckelharpa was build by Joos Janssens, a belgian master instrument maker living near Lyon in France. It is a beautifully crafted piece of work, with a row of keys on each of the four main strings. If you are interested in nyckelharpa playing and looking for a top class instrument : Joos Janssens - nyckelharpa maker, L'Étoile, 43.220 Dunières, France. Tel: 0033/471.66.89.72

Orion's music is played far and wide, from east to west! When former Orion keyboard player Gwenaël Micault went on tour in Chili with a Spanish singer, the very first music he heard after setting foot on the Chilean ground was Orion's "Blue Room" album, playing through the speakers in Santiago de Chili's central station!
A few months later, Raquel and Rudy, Orion's accordionist and fiddle player went on a holiday to Indonesia. On the very moment they jumped on a bus to the village of Amed in the north of Bali, the driver was playing an Orion tape!

Car thieves fond of Orion ? A man shows up to buy an Orion album at a concert, saying that his own copy was stolen. He had left the CD in his car, and the car was stolen in front of his house. Hapilly, the police found the car back after one week, but unfortunately, the CD was gone!


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