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Guest Musicians on Restless Home

Philip Catherine from Belgium is internationally known as one of the world's leading jazz guitar players.He has performed and recorded with many of the giants of jazz: Dexter Gordon, Charlie Mingus, Benny Goodman, Chet Baker, Stéphane Grappelli, Larry Coryell, Carla Bley and Mike Mantler, Jean Luc Ponty, Didier Lockwood, Christian Escoudé, Charlie Mariano, Michaël Gibbs and many more. It is however mostly through his solo albums that he has influenced a whole generation of European jazz musicians with his delicate and sensitive playing. Philip has a direct link with Ireland through his mother's folks who were Irish immigrants in London.

Donal Lunny comes from Ireland and plays bouzouki and bodhrán. Donal is a founder member of  legendary bands such as Planxty, Bothy Band and Moving Hearts. As a producer, or as a guest musician he has contributed to countless albums and is recognized as the most influential musician and innovator in Irish music in the past 30 years. On his own, Donal completely revolutionized the way of accompanying and arranging Irish traditional music. He worked recently with Adam Clayton and Bono from U2, Van Morisson, Sinead O'Connor, Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits), ... on the albums Common Ground (EMI) and Sult.

Nicolas Quemener is an extraordinarily gifted guitarist, fluteplayer and singer. He was a member of Orion during three years and like Soïg Siberil still performs with the band from time to time. Nicolas hails from Brittany, but has lived in Ireland for many years. He is primarily known as a member of the famous Irish band Arcady, with ex-De Danann members Jackie Daly and Johnny Mc Donagh, with whom he recorded two albums. Apart from touring around the world with Arcady, Nicolas also performs and records with a number of well-known Breton artists such as Dan Ar Braz and L'Héritage Des Celtes, Kornog, Gilles Servat, piper Ronan Le Barz and fest noz band Skeduz.

Alain Genty from France is one of the most lyrical fretless bass players around. Alain has two solo recordings to his name and is a member of famous Breton bands Barzaz, Gwerz and Den, whose albums are regarded as milestones in Breton music. More recently he has been working with Scottish guitarist Tony Mc Manus and raï singer from Algeria Cheb Mami. Alain also composes and arranges music for theatre and film.

Pierre Michaud from Québec (Canada) was raised in a very musical family and started playing cello from age eight. He studied music at Conservatoires of Québec, Casablanca, Rabat and Freiburg. After hearing him perform, he earned enthousiastic support from world-famous cello-masters such as Rostropovitch,Yo-Yo Ma and Janos Starker. Apart from playing classical music, Pierre has shared the stage or recorded with artists such as Philippe Léotard, Indochine, Dick Rivers, Daniël Chenevez (Niagara), Pow Wow, Led Zeppelin members Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, and many others ...

Soïg Siberil is Brittany's premier 'open tuning' guitarist. As a member of legendary bands such as Gwerz, Kornog, Den, Pennou Skoulm and Kemia he toured all over Europe and the United States, and has played on over twenty CD's. Soïg was also a regular member of Orion for more than two years. He has recorded three solo albums so far and is also guitarist with Celtic Fiddle Festival including Bothy Band fiddler Kevin Burke, Silly Wizard-member Johnny Cunningham and Christian Lemaître from Britanny. His compositions have regularly been covered by recording artists like John Renbourn, David Surette, Gerard Trimble, and others ...

Bernard L'Hoir studied piano and solfège at both Royal Conservatoires of Mons and Brussels, and musical composition and arrangement at Goldsmith College London. He is a much sought after arranger and studio musician, working with different Belgian and international artists. Bernard has recorded with most of the Irish musicians in Belgium and toured Ireland, Brittany and Great Britain with Irish singer Pat Kilbride. He was a member of Orion for more than two years and left the band to pursue a solo career. He has recorded four albums of his own compositions.

Pascal Chardome, together with Bernard and Marc, belongs to the small circle of  top keyboard players in Belgium constantly demanded for composing and arranging music for other artists. His work spans over more than thirty albums and countless films, videos and theatre-plays. Currently performing with Panta Rhei, Pascal has also worked with amongst others Julos Beaucarne, Daria de Martynoff and played with Belgian jazz-greats such as Steve Houben, Arnould Massart, Charles Loos, as well as with world famous classical singer José Van Dam.


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