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Guest Musicians on Blue Room

String Quartet Halvenalf: for many years, Halvenalf accompanied the famous french singer William Sheller (album 'Live at The Olympia'). The quartet or its individual members recorded amongst others with Vaya Con Dios, Maurane, Alain Chamfort, Belcanto from Norway, Julverne, ... Wiet Van De Leest, the viola player of the quartet, was a member of the legendary flemish folkband from the seventies RUM, with whom he recorded four albums , and of the electric band MADOU (1 album). Other members of the String Quartet Halvenalf are Jeannot Gillis and Marianne Denoïa on violins, and Claudine Steenaeckers on cello.

Youenn Le Bihan: a multiple champion of Brittany, he is considered to be the very best bombarde player . Together with Patrick Molard, he forms one of the most illustrious 'couple de sonneurs ' on biniou koz and bombarde (album Er Bolom Koh ). Youenn is a member of the prestigious breton band GWERZ (3 albums, the first of which was awarded with the 'Prix de l'Académie Charles Cross ') and of the fest-noz band SKOLVAN (4 albums). He regularly guests on albums of other breton artists (Barzaz 1 and 2, ...). Besides the bombarde, he also plays the piston - a kind of bass bombarde he created himself.

Johhny McDonagh: one of the most respected traditional percussionists in Ireland. He was a founding member of the legendary Irish band DE DANANN, with whom he recorded 7 albums. After leaving De Danann, he formed ARCADY together with Jacky Daly, Frances Black, Nicolas Quemener, Patsy Broderick and Brendan Larissey. They released two albums: After The Ball and Many Happy Returns. Arcady entered the Irish charts and received a platinum disc for After The Ball . Johhny also worked with Mike Oldfield, recorded with many renowned Irish artists (Mary Bergin, Frankie Gavin, Altan, ....) and was playing with RIVERDANCE for many years.

Céline 'T Hooft: she is a founder member of ZAP MAMA, the wellknown afro - belgian a cappella singing group with whom she recorded the first album. After quiting Zap Mama, she formed her own jazz and blues influenced band LONELY MAMA. She is in keen demand as a backing vocalist, working with the likes of Maxime Leforestier, Charles Trenet and many others... Together with other occasional guests such as Philip Catherine or Kadja Nin, Céline regularly performs with BLACK APART, Dieudonné Kabongo's afro band.

Mike Butcher: a highly esteemed sound engineer from Wales. He recorded and mixed world famous artists in many different musical styles: Marvin Gaye, Adamo, Black Sabbath, Toots Thielemans, Philip Catherine, Viktor Laszlo, David Linx, Arno, ... Mike did the final mixes for Orion's Blue Room album.


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